3 Things You Should Ask Your Child's New Preschool Teacher


Sending your young child to a new preschool can be a little scary, especially if you are a first-time parent. In addition to coaxing them into leaving your side, you might also worry about what they will be taught, how they will be treated, and how well they will get along with the other kids. Fortunately, you might be able to stay on the same page with your child's new teacher by asking the right questions. Here are three things you should ask, and why:

1: "Are you following a specific curriculum?"

Although it might seem like a silly question to ask when your child is in preschool, talk with your child's teacher about whether or not they are following a specific curriculum. Ask what your child will be learning, what the goals of class time are, and whether or not your child will be measured against benchmarks.

Also, ask your child's teacher if you can have an outline of the academic schedule for the year. That way, you can bolster your child's school lessons with additional material at home. For example, if your kid is learning about colors and shapes, you might be able to talk about the same material at home so that they have more experience with the subject.

2: "How are things going socially?"

Unless you have other children or neighbors, it might be hard to watch how your child interacts with other kids. Unfortunately, if you don't see your kid hitting other children or talking badly about friends, it can be hard to correct poor behavior early.

After your child has attended preschool for a few weeks, talk with their teacher about how things are going socially. Ask if your child actively plays with other kids, whether or not they seem to be getting along with people, and how frequently your child becomes upset. Their preschool teacher might be able to point out behavior that could escalate later.

3: "How do you handle discipline?"

Although you might like to think that your child would be a perfect angel at school, they might not always make the best decisions. Take the time to ask your child's teacher how they handle discipline during class. For example, is your child put in time out, or will they be excluded from activities? Make sure that the disciplinary tactics mesh with your personal preferences, so that your child doesn't receive mixed messages.  

By communicating effectively with your child's preschool teacher, you might be able to stay in the loop, keep your child safe, and ensure their academic success. 

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26 May 2015

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