4 Ways To Ensure Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten


Just because your child is almost old enough to start kindergarten, doesn't mean they're actually prepared. Kindergarten involves spending hours a day with other kids, following directions, participating in guided play, and learning new skills. This can be a big adjustment after a more relaxed preschool or home environment. Here are four simple ways to help make sure your child is well-prepared to begin kindergarten:

Read to Them Every Day

While your child doesn't necessarily need to be reading by the time they start kindergarten, they should be comfortable with books and understand how letters work. Reading to them every day is the best (and most fun!) way to accomplish this. Point out the words as you read, and ask your child questions about the stories and the words on the page.

Practice Listening

Being only one of many children can be a big adjustment for any kid, in part because they will need to learn to listen while other kids or the teacher talk. To make this easier, start playfully practicing better listening skills as soon as possible. Say "Now, Mom's gonna talk. Can you wait your turn? Then when it's your turn, I'll say 'Go!'" Focus on positive reinforcement and make a big deal about it whenever your child is a good listener.

Get Them Comfortable with Numbers

While no one is going to expect advanced math skills from a kindergartner, the more comfortable they are with numbers the better off they will be when it's time to start learning basic math. Instead of making it feel like homework, simply find fun, casual ways to incorporate counting and pointing out numbers into your daily routine. Count out loud how many red cars you pass when you're walking to the park, how many steps it takes to get upstairs, etc. Soon, dealing with numbers will feel like second nature.

Encourage Independence

While your child will be able to rely on their teacher for many things, their teacher will also have many other children to attend to throughout the day. Teaching your child to do things on their own whenever possible will make kindergarten much less intimidating while also boosting their confidence. If your child can tie their own shoes, button their pants after they use the bathroom, and look for solutions to problems that come up, this will go a long way toward helping them become more independent.

Starting kindergarten doesn't have to be scary or stressful, for you or your child. By following these tips, you can help make the transition from a preschool like McLean Children's Academy to kindergarten much easier.


9 February 2016

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