Learning Activities To Teach Your Preschooler To Recognize And Spell Their Name


Just because your child answers to their own name doesn't mean they can actually recognize their name. Your preschooler should be able to recognize, spell and write their own name before they go to kindergarten. Teaching these things are usually done in preschool, but this should also be taught at home as well. Read on for activities you can do to teach your child to recognize and spell their name.

Dot Or Sticker Names

Write out your child's name on a piece of paper, making it rather large. Then give your child either stickers or daubers to trace/cover the letters in their name. Tell your child the letters in their name and tell them that that is their name written on the piece of paper. Then have your child tell you the letters in their name. The stickers can help with fine motor skills, and they both help with learning to follow directions.

Magnetic Letter Matching

Give your child their name written on a piece of paper, then give your child a bin full of magnetic or foam letters. Have your child dig through the letters to find the letters in their name and place the letters on top of the letters on the piece of paper. This helps not only learn to spell their name, but is a good way to problem solve and sort through the letters. 

Name Hide And Seek

Write down your child's name on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall along with other words or names. Have your child locate their name. You can also do this with the letters in their name, then have them spell out their name with the letters they find.

Rainbow Writing

Give your child their name written out, then give your child markers or crayons to trace over their name. Be sure to show your child how to properly hold the crayon/marker and help them form the letters properly using hand-over-hand to start out. Allow your child to use various colors to create a rainbow of colors. This helps teach their name, how to form letters/writing and how to hold the writing utensil properly.

Name Puzzle

Write out your child's name on a piece of cardstock spacing the letters out a bit to allow you room to cut the name out. Cut out the letters in the name using either straight lines or zig-zags to create a puzzle. Have your child put the pieces of the puzzle together to correctly spell out their name. 

These are all fun ways to help teach your child to recognize, spell and even write their own name. Talk to a teacher at preschools like Cornerstone Daycare Learning Center about other ways you can help teach your child at home.


7 March 2018

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