Foster Parenting: When You Are Ready To Love A Child


Becoming a foster parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. You are able to care for children who truly need you, and you get the satisfaction knowing that you have made a difference in the life of someone else. When you want to be a foster parent, the process can take some time. You'll need to go through the licensing process, and this involves training, checking your background and a home study. During this time you will meet with the agency you want to become a foster parent for and be trained based on their regulations. If you want to become a foster parent for the state, it's time to start the process.

Understanding the Criminal Record Check

A CORI check is one that looks at your previous criminal history. For most people, this is no big deal. In some marriages, one party learns something new about the past of their partner. The CORI done by the foster care licensing agency is going to include any past criminal charges, even if they are decades old. If you believe you have anything on your CORI that will show up, tell the person doing the check ahead of time. Some issues can prevent you from becoming a foster parent.

Going Through a Home Study

The licensing agent will want to do an extensive investigation on you and anyone living in your home. They will visit your home, see what your home looks like and go through an interview process with you. The questions you are asked may seem intrusive, but the agency wants to make sure that they are placing children with families they can trust. You may be asked about your parenting style or how life was for you growing up. You may spend hours having your home assessed to determine if you should be opened as a foster family.

Training Beyond the Home Study

Each state has regulations when it comes to training and licensing foster homes. In general, you will go through training that teaches you what types of children to expect, and what your obligations to the child are. This training can last a number of hours, and has to to be completed before your home is ready.

When you are ready to love a child, it's time to learn more about the foster care licensing process. The work it takes will be worth it in the end. Contact a service, like Kids Count Too, for more help.


19 January 2019

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