Teach Your Child To Start Sharing At Preschool


Preschool may be your little one's first real chance to interact with other children his or her own age on a daily basis. While this is an exciting time for both child and parents, it could also lead to some complications if your child is not adapting to being in a group environment. If your child is having difficulty learning how to share toys, school supplies or anything else with the other children, you might need to step in and correct the behavior. Here are some tips to get your child to start sharing with other kids on a regular basis.

Set Limits with Toys at Home

At some preschools, a typical play period might have the children playing with different toys but then switching to another toy after so many minutes so that every child can have a turn with what they really want. You can mimic this behavior at home by setting limits on how long your child is allowed to play with a certain toy. You could allow them to move on to another toy or just have playtime be over. It might also help if your child has an older sibling who can pretend to be interested in the toy and then practice letting the younger child hand it over to the older one. If you have only one child, pretend like you want to play with their favorite toy yourself and train them to hand it over to you.

Reinforce Positive Developments

You can probably expect some kicking and screaming at home as you set this new toy policy into motion. But once your child gets the hang of it, be sure to compliment them and send positive vibes anytime they willingly share something with another person. It could be the toys we just discussed or even just "sharing" the ketchup bottle with someone else at the dinner table. If your preschool's teachers tell you that your child is doing better, be sure to let your child know that you are happy with their improvement.

Figure Out a Punishment If the Lack of Sharing Continues

If your child is not responding, you may need to kick things up a notch. No playing with the toys at all until they learn to share. No borrowing toys, clothes, a book or anything else from a sibling or Mom and Dad until the right behavior is seen on a regular basis. Talk to your preschool's instructors, as they likely have previous experience with this and can offer additional best practices

For more information, contact a local preschool.


18 December 2019

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