What Parents Need to Know About Recommended Infant Products and Daycare


What are the recommended baby products you should bring to daycare? If your baby is ready for their first out-of-the-home care experience but you're not sure what to send in with them, then take a look at this post. We go over what you need to know before you pack your infant's child care bag as well as how you can find more information. 

Talk to the Center's Staff

Some daycare centers may require parents to supply specific products—while others may provide almost everything your baby needs. When you enroll your child in care, ask the director, teacher, or another staff member if the school has a list of must-have items to bring. Along with a list of products to bring, ask the center's staff what they have on hand. If your child has sensitive skin or requires special diapering, care, and feeding products, make sure to pack your own (whether the center supplies these items or not).

Send Two Bags 

Everything your baby needs may not fit into one bag. Instead of a jumbo-sized bag that's filled to the top, send in a daily and weekly bag. The daily bag should include anything your child will need that day. These could include diapers, a pacifier, bibs, bottles or other feeding supplies, and a toy.

The weekly bag can include a few extra changes of clothes, swaddling blankets, a larger stock of diapers, a box or multi-pack of wipes, extra pacifiers, diaper cream, and bedding (if needed). 

Include Seasonal Items

There are some products your baby will only use in one specific season or during one time of the year. Sunscreen, swim diapers, a sun hat, and UV-protective clothing are necessary during the spring and summer months—but you won't need to send them during the fall and winter. If you live in a cooler climate, send your infant with a snowsuit or similar type of outerwear option, mittens, and a hat when the temperature dips.

Pack the Feeding Products Your Baby Needs

Is your baby on a 100 percent breastmilk diet? If you only nurse your infant, you will need to pump and prepare bags of milk for your baby. Use a milk storage bag or a food-grade container to store breastmilk during your baby's day in care. Mark your infant's name on the bag/container and provide the staff with refrigeration, thawing, and serving instructions. You will also need to pack bottles, nipples, and bottle cleaning tools with the breastmilk.

If you formula-feed your infant, pack the product your baby prefers. This could include either a ready-to-serve liquid or a powder that the center staff must prepare. Like breast milk-fed babies, formula-fed babies will also need bottles, nipples, and supplies to clean these items.


29 November 2021

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Is taking your child to daycare something that is new to you? If so, do you know what all your child will need while he or she is in the care of others? Packing more than he or she needs or not packing enough, can make things more difficult than they need to be. So, how do you find the right amount of stuff to pack? What will your son or daughter really need while in daycare? Go to my blog to learn what your child will need and several tips that can make adapting to the daycare system easier for you and your child.