Reasons Children Should Attend Preschool Before Kindergarten


Formel education starts with kindergarten at the age of five, but many parents start children even earlier. PBS reports that 32% of four-year-olds go to preschool before kindergarten. Many parents feel guilty dropping a child off at preschool, but it may actually be the best option for them. Learn more about why children should attend preschool before kindergarten.  

1. Increased Independence 

Children in preschool learn to get through the day without a parent. Children with attachment issues may cry at first but will eventually learn to adjust to the new environment and complete basic tasks on their own. Teachers will help children learn to tie their shoes and clean up after a snack without help from mom or dad. 

2. Math and Language Lessons

Children learn every day through conversations and play. Most of the time, children can't express what they learned. In preschool, children will have the opportunity to learn in a more formal environment, preparing them for kindergarten. Children get to learn in a more independent way in preschool. Children get the opportunity to learn the topics that interest them the most. Most preschools have numerous activities for children to enjoy, such as art stations, bookshelves, jungle gyms, and math-based video games. 

3. Social Development

Social relationships make up a large portion of life. Friends and family laugh with us and help us through tragedies. Colleagues and authority keep us on track in our professional lives. Children will develop social skills early by going to preschool and playing with the other children. They will learn how to have conversations with children and share with them. They will also learn compassion and friendship. We recommend choosing a preschool that leads into the kindergarten your child will attend to increase the chance of preschool friends moving on to kindergarten together. 

4. Routine

Routines create structure and even provide comfort in times of uncertainty. Children benefit from routines just as much as adults. When children go to school every day, they will learn about the average person's routine while also allowing parents to go about their normal routine. Children will learn to eat, sleep, and wake up at the same time every day until the weekend. 

Preschool also offers child care while parents go off to work during the day. Some preschools even offer late pick-up times for parents who work later than typical preschool lets out. Whatever your routine is, preschool should be a part of it. 

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16 January 2023

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